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Four conferences within the
Stockholm International Forum series

This CD contains full documentation of the four conferences. The content of the book will hopefully inspire readers to want to further explore what took place during the discussions at each of the four conferences. Our aim is to reflect at least some of the atmosphere and spirit of these conferences. We hope that none of the participants left the meetings empty-handed, that many left with increased resolve and determination to act or, in the spirit of Raphael Lemkin, with the intention of being a bit more `unreasonable´, and that all left with a commitment to move beyond the much-repeated `never again´.

When the first conference in the Stockholm International Forum series was being organised in the late 1990s, there was great uncertainty about the potential international response. Up to that point, some 55 years had elapsed since World War II and the Holocaust, and no conference at international political level had ever dealt with the question of Holocaust remembrance.

The response to the Swedish Government’s initiative exceeded all expectations. During the conferences, Stockholm became a meeting place for politicians, decision makers and some of the world’s foremost experts on genocide and other crimes against humanity, as well as for representatives of a range of organisations. People who themselves survived persecution and violation, including during the Holocaust and the genocides in Rwanda and Cambodia, also shared their own experiences.

The conferences in the series were:
2000: The Holocaust – Education, Remembrance and Research
2001: Combating Intolerance
2002: Truth Justice and Reconciliation
2004: Preventing Genocide – Threats and Responsibilities.

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