Survivors Stories

DC-Cam believes that one of the most effective ways to preserve the history of Democratic Kampuchea is through the voices of those who survived. Our Promoting Accountability, Research and other teams thus continually seek interviews with, and solicit stories from, survivors.


DC-Cam is interested in publishing the accounts of Democratic Kampuchea survivors. Some of our efforts in this regard include:


In 2003, DC-Cam and the Khmer Writers Association held an essay competition for DK survivors. We asked survivors to submit narrative essays on their lives during the regime or their thoughts on issues related to the Khmer Rouge. Of the 43 essays submitted, 4 were given awards at a ceremony held on April 2, 2004. The winning essay has been published in both Khmer and English issues of Searching for the Truth and the local newspaper Resmei Kampuchea. Because of the success of this contest, we are planning to make it an annual event.


We are also beginning to collect photographs and stories for a new book on the lives of New People (those evacuated from the cities) during Democratic Kampuchea. Cambodians who are willing to lend us photographs and tell their stories are urged to contact Morm Sophat,
Several other sources for interviews with survivors are available on our website. The History sections of each issue of Searching for the Truth contain survivor accounts, as does the Interviews section of this site.

For more information on the interviews we have conducted with survivors, please contact:
Family Tracing

We also seek to help families locate their lost loved ones or learn about relatives and friends who died or disappeared during the regime. We welcome the inquiries of Cambodians at home and abroad, and make every effort to search for information. We also publish requests in the Family Tracing section of our monthly magazine, Searching for the Truth, so as to reach the widest possible sources of information.

If you wish us to research an individual lost during Democratic Kampuchea or have information, please contact: Som Bunthorn,