To My Uncle







Theavy Ong


Unfortunately my way of thinking has become somewhat unclear or maybe too clear. The ways I view the world. I believe that every country has it own tragedy. For example the United States of America had slavery, Israel had the Holocaust and Cambodia has this, and I believe that this is the Holocaust just like the Jew’s so maybe somehow history does repeat itself, despite the different parts of the world we live in. (Could you imagine: how crowded the world is, if everyone is agreed.) Yes, some times I wonder what it would be like if there was no war and what it would be like if my parents were still alive, as well as my brother and sister. How my life would be different from what it is now. My daughter Jordyn sometimes asks me why I don’t have a Mom or a Dad like the rest of her friends’ parents. Then I proceed to try to explain to her what happened to her grandparents and this is very hard. It is sad knowing that my daughter and son will never get a chance to know their grandparents and that I will never get to see my parents again. You know what the saddest part is? I can only vaguely remember them myself. I was about 5 years old when they died. There is this strange thought as I remember when my parents were buried. I have this thought or maybe imagination that they were pretending that they were dead, so they could be buried and then dig this underground tunnel that would lead them to another world and they would return to retrieve me and my sister.

PS:  I don’t believe that justice is enough for what had happened to my family. No justice in the world will bring my family back. We should be asking ourselves how we as human beings can prevent this from happening again.







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