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I am so excited that I almost shed tears, and I feel extremely sad when I read your article mentioning the biography of my father and some description of the biography of my older brother, called Chen Sydin. These accounts are the result of the immense efforts of you, your colleagues, and the director of the magazine. Together, you expended tremendous effort to look for documents every place [in Cambodia] and managed to find some documents which contain the name and letters of my older brother. However, some parts of his writing [his confession] were not true; he did that in order to avoid unbearable, brutal torture. After all, death was the reward of this effort.


The surviving members of family and I, as well as all other Cambodian citizens, still remember the terror of the genocidal Pol Pot regime, and it will forever remain in our minds.


I would like to say thanks, specifically to Keokannitha Kim, my niece, who prayed for the peacefulness of the souls of my father and older brother during the Phchum Benn festival.


I wish to express my deep gratitude to the director and his colleagues, who have spent their valuable time to conduct research on the regime, and especially, for publishing the biographies of my father and older brother. May successes fall upon all of your missions.


Chan Srey Touch








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