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I receive a copy of Searching for the Truth every month. This magazine allows students, especially me, to have more comprehension on the [Khmer Rouge] atrocities. It has stimulated my memory of the bitter acts carried out against the people of Cambodia. In light of the Khmer Rouge wrath, I would like to make a contribution to your work. Although I know it is a small thing for you, I would like to share with a sincere heart some additional information for your research.


I am a villager currently living in Ta Ream Village, Tbeng Subdistrict, Kampong Svay, Kampong Thom Province. On the Chinese New Year Days, I visited my home village, where I asked my brothers and some neighbors for information in addition to that in my memory about my experience during the time I was tending cattle in the fields.


Id like to inform you that approximately 2 km north of my village is a Buddhist temple in ruins. This temple is known as Wat Sra Nge, and is located in Sra Nge Village, Tbeng Subdistrict, Kampong Svay, Kampong Thom Province. Based on my talks with villagers of Sra Nge, about 800 to 1000 people were killed at the wat. Most of them were April 17 people from the Eastern Zone and the others were new people. Indeed, the former KR security chief, whose name was comrade Sak, was sentenced to death by the village chief in 1979. However, a member of the security apparatus is still alive and living in Ka Koh Village, Santuk District, while a former Tbeng subdistrict chief, a woman in her fifties, is living with her husband and children.


Please accept my apologies for any inappropriate words I have used. I wish you and your colleagues success and the Buddhist five-fold blessings.        


Ky Sophal








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