Letter from Kratie Province







To Highly respected Mr Director of the Documentation Center of Cambodia

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude and sincere welcome to Mr Director of the Documentation Center of Cambodia and your colleagues with great enthusiasm after receiving a letter from you and your important magazine, “The Truth”.

Beloved Director of DC-Cam, although I haven’t met you, I once had a sincere cooperation with Mr Phat Kosal, Deputy Director of DC-Cam. We have visited the main [genocide] locations in our Kratie Province. I am very exited and moved by the texts and images of the magazine, as I am one of the Cambodian victims under the Khmer Rouge regime, which killed my father, father-in-law, mother-in-law, wife, and three children, who were all accused of being KGB agents. I lost more than ten family member and relatives. I and the approximately 80 people with whom I read your magazine, are very glad to discover that “The Truth” is free from political bias and features a wide variety of articles concerning international law which can serve to catalyze momentum for a possible trial in the future. This is the abiding hope of the Cambodian citizenry, those who survived the regime as well as the souls of parents who lost their lives under the regime’s barbarous genocide of their own people. The people of Cambodia wish to make the souls of the dead rest in peace, and demand justice according to our religious principles, national, and international law.

Highly respected Director, the Khmer Rouge senior leaders who plunged the country deeply into the pit of death must be tried for things that cannot be forgiven. The people of the new millenium demand to have a trial, as in the case of General Pinochet and leaders of other countries who practiced fascism. The thing must be done without delay so that the leaders of Democratic Kampuchea are not permitted to become too old or die by natural or other causes. That is, a trial must be held before their deaths. The government has raised the issue of “whether a national or international tribunal will be established. How many national and international judges” As to legal procedures, I dare not express an opinion. This issue remains complicated and intricate, because there is so much involved concerning certain countries, including powerful ones. For example, Mr Benson Samay, defense lawyer for Ta Mok, in his interview on television, stated that “....Ta Mok will implicate people, including U.S. Secretary of State [Henry Kissinger] based upon existing documents...and leaders of certain countries.…”

As to recommendations or advice on upgrading the quality and effectiveness of methods to educate the public, especially the victims, in the fields of history and the Khmer Rouge trial, I have no ideas or advice better than the contents designed and organized by the DC-Cam. In addition to these points of satisfaction, I would like to list down my requests in relation to your publication: 1) the print size should be increased for the benefit of older readers, as the current size doesn’t work well for those who wear glasses; 2) the photos should be accompanied by brief captions; 3) the magazine should have a column for readers at the back, through which the views of all circles, including workers, farmers, intellectuals, monks, and ethnic minorities, can be aired; 4) one copy of the magazine should be distributed to each Provincial Chief of Monastry. There are only a little more than twenty provinces, and in each province there is only one chief. The monasteries in Cambodia suffered seriously under the regime’s three years, eight months, and twenty days, with most having been converted into prisons and centers of crime and torture, such as Wat Chum Puh Ka-ek in Kandal Province, Wat Chroy Ampel, Cham Bak sub-district, Kratie Province, in the well of which, hundreds of victims were killed; and 5) as a personal request, I would like to have one copy every month so that I can go on with my reading from the previous issues. I will cooperate and provide relevant documents or texts within my own capacity.

Once again I would like to say thanks to you and your colleagues and wish your historical mission success.

Great happiness, good health and success in all circumstances.


Uch Sun Lay









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