This ten-year project involved seeking out and mapping mass graves, former Democratic Kampuchea prisons, and genocide memorials throughout the country. The initial information on the locations of these sites was generally obtained through interviews with villagers; sometimes readers of DC-Cam’s monthly magazine would also write to inform us of a prison or other site.

The sites uncovered during the project included:

  • mass grave sites: 19,733 in 388 clusters

  • former DK security offices (prisons): 196

  • genocide memorials constructed by survivors of the DK regime: 81


In December 2004, for example, our Mapping Team discovered seven mass grave pits in Kampong Cham province, leading them to believe that the area could contain some of the largest killing fields found in the country.


Our Mapping Team also mapped the newly discovered sites with Global Positioning System devices and displayed the data on digital maps using Geographic Information System (GIS) technology.


We wrote a 297-page field report (in the Khmer language) on this project with 180 photographs. Although the project formally closed in 2004, we are continuing to enter its master data set into our GIS database, which will be posted on our website in the future. (Click here for additional reports.)

Prek Thnaot Psychiatric Hospital Report
Mass Grave and Memorial in Kampong Chhnang (2010)
Mass Graves Study
List of Mass Graves (19,733)
Prisons Study Report
List of Prisons (196)
Memorials Study Report
List of Memorials (81)
Map of Cambodia 1972
Map of Cambodia 1973
Map of Cambodia 1976
Democratic Kampuchea map
Democratic Kampuchea map at radio station
Map of Cambodia Killing Field (1975-79) Updated 2007
Map of Anlong Veng district, 2002
Map of Outreach
Map of Outreach as of 7 August 2014
Map of Khmer Rouge Strongholds and Military Operations Between 1990 and 1998
Map of Khmer Rouge Strongholds and Military Operations Between 1979 and 1989
People’s Republic of Kampuchea (PRK) Liberation Map in 1979: Khmer | English
Government Circular on the Preservation of Victim Memorials: Khmer|English
Counting Hell by Bruce Sharp
Buddhist Cremation Traditions for the Dead and the Need to preserve Forensic Evidence in Cambodia by Wynne Cougill
Discovery of Sre Lieu Mass Grave
Mass Grave at Phnom Trung Bat, Siem Reap Province
Additional information from Phnom Trung Bat Detention and Execution Center
List of Interviewees
ECCC A Demographic Expertise Report
Contact: Pheng Pong-Rasy, Team Leader