The Khmer Rouge abolished the previous currency and created their own. Source: Documentation Center of Cambodia Archives.


In 2004, DC-Cam received formal recognition from the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and informal recognition from the Swedish, Dutch, and other governments for its transparent and effective accounting practices. We are one of only a few of Cambodia’s over 4,000 NGOs to be given this recognition.



Prof. Heng Vanda, Board Member

In Charge of Finance


  Accounting Manual, 6 April 2016


Accounting Manual for Transparency and Good Governance


Auditing Report Information



The following finance reports are available to interested donors upon request:


Overall Auditing Report (External Audit)

by PricewaterhouseCoopers (Cambodia) Ltd.


Internal Financial Report (Internal Audit)

using QuickBooks computerized accounting program (updated daily)


Contact: Sophorn Huy
               Director of Finance


               Bunthann Meas
               Chief of Accountant



Auditor’s Report 2004


Auditor’s Report 2005


Auditor’s Report 2006


Auditor’s Report 2007


Auditor’s Report 2008


Auditor’s Report 2009


Internal Control Report 2009


Auditor’s Report 2010


Auditor’s Report 2011


Auditor’s Report 2012


Auditor's Report 2013


Auditor's Report 2014


  Auditor's Report 2015


 Auditor's Report 2016




Since we became independent on January 1, 1997, the Documentation Center of Cambodia has benefited immensely from our donors’ financial support and intellectual contributions. For more information, please contact: Mr. Bunthann Meas.







Retired King Norodom Sihanouk of Cambodia

Project on the fates of Royal family members during Democratic Kampuchea



Royal Government of Cambodia

l Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (Genocide Education)

l Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts (Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum)

l Ministry of Interior (Access and Security)

l Ministry of Tourism

l APSARA National Authority



Extraordinary Chamber in the Court of Cambodia (ECCC)

[Supporting] Outreach/Documentation Activities/Exhibition




Government of the United States of America

US Agency for International Development (USAID)

US State Department, Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor (DRL)

l Core support and Living Document project, Witnessing Justice 30 years Later

l US Defense POW/MIA Office

l Research (MIA) and In-Kind Support

l Public Screening of the Film " Don't Think I've Forgotten"

l Document & Publicize Records of the KR in Order to Promote Healing and Transitional Justice for Cambodias





The Delegation of the European Union to Cambodia (EU)

‘‘Awareness and Education on Khmer Rouge History Programme – Training of Educational and Outreach Professionals,” 2016-2017



Voice of America




Stanford University

Financial Training



Gotenberg University

Master Scholarship Program



Harvard University

Legal Training, Response Team and Internship





Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center



Northwestern University School of Law Center for International Human Rights



Cambodia Tribunal Monitor



Institute for International Criminal Investigations

International criminal investigations course and investigations training



Rutgers University

l Master and Doctorate scholarships in Global Affairs

l Legal Training, Response Team and Internship

l Genocide Education



Santa Clara University

Legal Training, Response Team and Internship




Yale University

Response Team and Internship




Hong Kong University

Two Scholarships: Master of Laws in Human Rights

Response Team and Internship


Chulalongkorn University

Master Scholarship program




Khmer Rouge media-related forum for youth



The International Coalition of Sites of Conscience (ICSC)

South Sudan Human Rights Documentation Initiatives Strengthening Capacity for Education on Mass Atrocities




Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

l Revitalizing of the Anlong Veng History for Reconciliation

l Additional Chapter on Forced Transfer

l Development of Website Sleuk Rith Institute for DC-Cam

l Contributing to Reconciliation and Genocide Prevention in Cambodia




Robert Bosch Stiftung

Anlong Veng Peace Tour




Queen’s University of Belfast

l Restoring Cultural Property and Communities After Conflicts

l Dark Tourism




Chiang Mai University

Internship, Peace Building and Gender issues




Government of Switzerland

l Legal Training

l Tour Guide Training AVPC (Anlong Veng Peace Center)

l Translation, Publication and Anlong Veng Community Education

l Tour Guide Book Publication in Khmer Language




Vanda Institute of Accounting and Taxation

Prospect staff and Accounting policy and procedure Overview




Cornell University




National Cambodian Heritage Museum & Killing Fields Memorial

Promote Justice and Memory, facilitating healing, and building hope for the Future




Soas University of London

Master of Arts and Archeology




University of Haifa

Master Scholarship program of Holocaust Studies




Phare Ponleu Selpak

Generous Donation





University of Leeds

Research Associate




US Holocaust Memorial Museum

Outreach and village history




The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, Sida

Khmer Rouge History Education Through Performance and History Textbooks










University of Massachusetts Lowell

Master of Peace and Conflict studies and Global Studies





University of Massachusetts Lowell

l Translation fee and research coordination

l Secure Digital Storage for DC-Cam historical materials





De la Salle University

Study support





Lowell High School

Study support





Kent State University (KSU)

Develop Research and Cultural Interchange





University of Thunderbird

TEM Lab (Thunderbird Emerging Market Laboratory) team study on Sleuk Rith Institute's business plan





Air Asia Foundation

Cham Identity Project




Wageningen University

Two Master Scholarships program




Northern Illinois University

Master scholarship program





American University

Response Team and Internship




Duke University

l Response Team and Internship

l International Exhibition




Columbia University Law School

l Response Team and Internship

l School of Architecture

l Designing The Permanent Center




Brown University

Response Team and Internship




Pennsylvania University

Response Team and Internship




Seattle University

l Legal Training, Response Team and Internship

l Genocide Education



Sigrid Rausing Trust

Victims of Torture (VOT) project



University of Oxford

Study on Buddhism and Communism: 1970-1990

Master Scholarship of Public Policy



Utrecht University

Legal Training, Response Team and Internship



Wilson Sosini Goodrich & Rosati

Legal services





Two Fellowships and Three Scholarships




Temple University

Response Team, Internships, and Scholarship




Ottawa University

Response Team and Internship




International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims

Trauma Training



Middlebury College

Linguistics Research



Oekumenishes Studienwerk and Ecumenical Scholarship Program

Master Scholarship program in the UK and Netherlands




Stiftelsen Arkivet

Center for Historical Reflection and Peace Building

PhD Research on Cambodia Reconciliation




Monash University

Genocide Education Review



Corncordia Univeristy

Genocide Education Review



Lowell Public School

Genocide Education Review



Millikin University

Genocide Education Review



Bergen University

Genocide Education Review



Keele University

Genocide Education Review



Royal Phnom Penh University, History Department

Genocide Education Review



University of Wisconsin-Madison

Genocide Education Review



Georgetown University

l Legal Training, Response Team and Internship

l Cham/Student Outreach project



Government of Norway

Living Document/Response Team project/Digitization/Victim Participation Project, Promoting Accountability Project





MacArthur Foundation

l Film: A River Changes Course

l Observation Khmer Rouge Tribunal Project


Victim Participation, Cham Oral History projects, Genocide Education Phase II, and Quality Control



Coventry University

Master and PhD of Peace and Reconciliation scholarship



Government of Belgium

Genocide Education project





The International Human Rights Internship Program

Victims of Torture (VOT) project



United States Institute of Peace

l Victim of Torture (VOT) project

l Affinity Group Conference

l Genocide Education



Government of Canada

(Canadian Embassy, Canada Fund, Canadian International Development Agency)

l Publication of Teacher's Guidebook 2009

l Magazine: Searching for the Truth

l Promoting Peace and Reconciliation in Anlong Veng



Government of Denmark

Public Information Room, Documentation, Publication and Awareness



Government of New Zealand

l Publication of Democratic Kampuchea History

l Publication of DC-Cam monographs



Australian Embassy


Historic Case 002 Publication



Living History Forum, Sweden

International Exhibition 2008-2009/Internship



Government of United Kingdoms

Victim Participation project



Berkeley University

Legal Training, Response Team and Internship



British Embassy in Cambodia

Legal Research, Publication, and ECCC Observation


Cambodian Genocide Program (CGP) at Yale university

Documentation and Mapping Projects



Coalition for International Justice

MA scholarship program in the Netherlands





Film Project - Sexual Abuse during the Khmer Rouge



Government of Australia




Government of Germany

Magazine: Searching for the truth

Public of A History of Democratic Kampuchea



Government of Japan




Government of Kuwait

Research on The Cham Muslims under Democratic Kampuchea



Government of the Netherlands

Core support, Legal Training and Outreach





Travel support - Film Screening at The United State Nations HQ



LSE/Columbia University

Legal Training, Response Team and Internship



Lund University



National Endowment for Democracy

Genocide Education and Photo Archives Projects



Open Society Institute

Publications, Genocide Education, Affinity Group Conference



Oxfam – Hong Kong

Travel support - International Conference on Genocide



United Nations Human Rights Center

Research support and Equipment



London University

l Legal Training, Response Team and Internship

l Promoting Accountability project



McGill University

Legal Training, Response Team and Internship



Michigan University

Photo Exhibition



University of Notre Dame

Master of Law Scholarship Program



University of Southern California

Master and PhD scholarship program for International Relations



University of Toronto, Canada

Legal Training and Internship




Utrecht University

Legal Training, Response Team and Internship




Legal Training, Response Team and Internship



Washington State University

Legal Training and Internships




Yale Sterling Library




Fanny and Leo Charitable Trust (USA)

Operations support


Redd Barna Norway

Research support


The Asia Foundation (TAF)

l Public Education Forum and Workshop

l Forensic Study

l To Document Experience of Torture and to Provide Psychological Support to KR Victims





Ohio University

Master of South East Asian Studies



Government of Sweden

l Core support

l Development Plan of Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum



Studio MDA

Designing The Permanent Center




William B. Boyle, White Deer Company (USA)