Seeking Information on the Following Individuals





Over the years, DC-Cam has been able to locate information on several people who have been missing since the fall of Democratic Kampuchea. We have not been able, however, to learn the fates of those mentioned in the letters below. If you have information on them, please contact DC-Cam at P.O. Box 1110, Phnom Penh, phone: (855) 23 211 875, or email:


From Belgium/Kampong Cham Province

My name is Chim Pheaktra. I have been reading many issues of DC-Camís magazine, as I am really interested in learning the truth about the Khmer Rouge genocide. I truly appreciate your great vision in establishing this magazine, which plays an important role to help families search for their lost loved ones and for survivors who are eager to learn why and how Cambodians were killed.


I was born at the end of 1974 and never saw my fatherís face. When the Khmer Rouge evacuated people from the city, my mother was only three monthsí pregnant with me. My father and mother were separated during the evacuation.


My father, Him Heoun, was a former policeman. When the Khmer Rouge came, they evacuated my father to his home in P-arv village, P-arv subdistrict, Cheung Prey district, Kampong Cham province. After 1979, my mother went to search for him there. My fatherís elder sister, Horn, told my mom that the Khmer Rouge arrested my father in 1976. During that time, she saw my father being tied up and led west towards Phnom Penh, but she did not know exactly where the Khmer Rouge killed him. She assumed he died because my father never returned after his arrest. When my mother heard this, she could only cry bitterly.


Now I am 29 years old. One day I read a book entitled Revolutionary Peopleís Tribunal. In the last part of the book is a list of people killed at S-21. I saw what seemed to be my fatherís name in the police section on page 337. It stated: ďHin Hoeun, zone 25, policeman, date of entry: 14-06-76, date of execution: 16-09-76.Ē I think this must be my father, but is it possible that the person who wrote the name misunderstood it, or was Hin a different person? Would you please search for my fatherís confession for me so we can know how he was killed? Then we will no longer live with our doubts about my father.


I wish to convey my deepest regards and thanks to the Director of DC-Cam and his staff.




From Kampot Province

My name is Sam Kea, 39. I live in Sbauv Andet village, Dambauk Kpuos commune, Angkor Chey district, Kampot province. My fatherís name was Phan; he died two years ago. My motherís name was Luon; she died seven years ago. Before 1975, I had five brothers and one sister:


1. Phuon called Phal, male

2. Mao called Chea, male

3. Lat called Ret, female

4. Kea (Kar), male

5. Chann, male

6. Phoeun, male.


I would like to search for my elder sister Lat who disappeared after she joined the revolution at Bram Muoy Makara (6 January) hospital on 4 August 1978. Several years ago, I received a letter about her, along with a number of pictures from a villager. He told me to contact a person in Phnom Penh for more information about my sister who lives abroad, but, when I came to Phnom Penh, I was not able to meet the man. Iíve had no information about her since. I have been busy with my farm and do not know who I can ask for help, so I stopped searching for her.


The letter I received contained her address, phone number, and husbandís name. The pictures were of my sister, her husband, and their children. The address is:


            Mr. Say Born: G-Rue Vladimir Komarov, 69200 Venissieux-France

            House 43228, Phone: (08) 3517357, 6142748785


Lat, if you are still alive and see this announcement, or if anybody knows the name and address mentioned above, please kindly inform me at the address above or through DC-Cam.




From Svay Rieng Province

My name is In Hieng, a resident of Boeng Khum village, Ang Tasaur subdistrict, Svay Chrum district, Svay Rieng province.


I would like you to search for Tik Khut, Ang Tasaur subdistrict chief of Svay Rieng province who was killed in Tuol Sleng. I want to know what happened to him when he was in prison.


It is my honor to inform you that although Tik Khut was a former Pol Pot regime subdistrict chief, he was not hated and he sometimes disrespected Angkarís guidelines in order to help people. His mug shot was posted at Tuol Sleng in 1980. I want to know why he was arrested and whether he was really a good subdistrict chief. The people here think he saved many families.




From Svay Rieng Province

My name is Thaong Khun, 78, and I reside in Prey Sanke village, Khset subdistrict, Kampong Ro district, Svay Rieng province. My purpose for writing is to ask you to conduct research on my son and publish his life story if you find him in your documents.


My sonís revolutionary name was Thaong Sun, but he was born Thaong Poeun. He was born in Pau village, Khset subdistrict and was a deputy chief of Battalion 275 of Region 23, East Zone. His battalion was posted along the border. He disappeared around 1976 when he was summoned to join a meeting in Svay Rieng provincial town. Before he disappeared, he worked in Brasaut subdistrict, Svay Teap district, Svay Rieng province. At the present, I do not know whether he was killed in Svay Rieng province or Tuol Sleng.


Please do your best to search for my son so that I will be able to learn about his fate.




From Phnom Penh

My name is Seang Boravy. I am a lawyer. My current address is #680, Street 271, Phsar Daem Thkov subdistrict, Chamkar Maun district, Phnom Penh.


To: Mr. Director of the Documentation Center of Cambodia

Purpose: Request permission to do research on the topic of death statistics for Cambodians from 1975 to 1979.


I would like to look for two people who died during the Pol Pot regime. They are:


Chea Vy Phoeng, born on 4 October 1946

Chea Ky Dac, born on 12 September 1949.


Your center holds a large amount of Khmer Rouge documents which could assist my research. As mentioned above, I implore you to let me do my research at the center.




From Phnom Penh

I am Chan Ny. I am searching for my parents and other relatives:


1. my father called Tim

2. my mother called Khom

3. my older sister called Kheun

4. my sister called Kha

5. my younger sister called Nak

6. my younger brother called Nith.


In the Khmer Rouge regime my family lived in Pursat province and Battambang province.


In 1979 (I was probably five or six years old at the time) when Cambodia was liberated, my family left there for my hometown. On the way (probably near Pursat River) I got lost. We have been separated since that time.


If you have any information on my family, please contact the Documentation Center of Cambodia or call me at 012-816-522.




From Battambang Province

From: Yat Kamsan, 45, employee of LICADHO Organization based in Battambang province. Group 13, Kap Ko Thmei village, O Char subdistrict, Svay Pao district, Battambang province.


Request: Please Mr. Director, publish this account regarding my niece who disappeared during the Pol Pot time in 1977. I hope my request will be accepted.


Her name is Nou Pharin, also known as ďPing.Ē She was born in 1967. During the relocation in 1975, she lived with me in O Ta Ky subdistrict, Battambang district. Late in 1975, she lived with my elder aunt whose residence was in front of the provincial textile factory. In March 1976, my aunt died. Then she was adopted by a female soldier named Khoeun (who is said to be from Krapeu village, Phnom Sampeou subdistrict, Battambang province). After she was adopted as a god-sister, she was renamed ďKhien.Ē In 1977, the woman was said to have been transferred by Angkar to Ka Koh subdistrict, Mong Russey district. Since then, there has been no word of my niece.


Her motherís name is Im Ko Lap, 52. Her fatherís name was Nou Phorn (deceased). There are three siblings in her family: Nou Pharany, also known as Kao Solina, born in 1965; Ping herself, born in 1967; and Nou Phanara, who was known as ďPuchĒ or Kao Solida (deceased).


From Pursat Province

My name is Suon Saratt (original name is Ung Khanai). I am from Peal Nhek 2 village, Phteah Prey subdistrict, Pursat province. My current address is House Number 11E3, Road 173, Group 3, Sangkat Olympic, Khan Chamkarmon, Phnom Penh. My hand phone numbers are 011 956 730 and 012 930 138.


I am searching for my husband Kim Phoeuk Toeung, who was a military commander of the artillery unit of Battalion 2 during the Lon Nol administration. In 1973, the then-government sent him to the United States for training as a regiment commander of Artillery Unit 1. I learned that he returned in Cambodia in 1976, but do not know his fate. Therefore, please kindly search for my husband.




From Battambang Province

My name is Thai Sokhom, daughter of Thai Cho (dead) and Khut Hakk, 76. I reside at House No. 135, Group 9, in Snar Py Muk village, Prek Khporp subdistrict, Ek Phnom district (former Sangke district), Battambang province.


I would like to search for a person by the name of Thai Han (now 50), who left the Faculty of Law while he was taking a preparatory course for the official entry exam. He stayed with his cousin Chum Chuop and her husband Ven Von, a worker at the Seng Thai Textile Factory, Kilometer 6, Phnom Penh.


Around 17 April 1975, I heard that Thai Han visited our homestead by bicycle, riding across Kampong Thom province. When he reached Kampong Kdei subdistrict, Siem Reap, information about him stopped. Thai Han, I am calling for your return because our mother is getting older, while waiting for you all the time.


I would also like to appeal to the general public that if Thai Han is found, I can be reached at the above address.




From Svay Rieng Province

My name is Khun Kol Phea Vaddey, and I currently reside in Svay Rieng province. My fatherís name was Thaong Poeun (I do not remember his date of birth). He was born in Po village (called Prey Sangkai village), Khset commune, Kampong Ro district, Svay Rieng province. My father changed his name to Thaong Sun when he joined the revolution. After 17 April 1975, he became deputy chief of Battalion 75, a border defense unit of Svay Rieng province, in Region 23 of the East Zone. According to credible information, my father was arrested in about 1976 when the Angkar invited him to attend a meeting at a place in the provincial town of Svay Rieng.


With this information, please search for my father and give his name to those who were former soldiers of Democratic Kampuchea. If you find his name and acquire some accounts of what happened to him, please be kind to inform me through Searching for the Truth magazine.




From Takeo Province

My name is Kim Peou Sotan, female. I lost my uncle named Rak Hong, who would be 55 now. He was born in Ta Nup village, Bati subdistrict, Takeo province. Before the Khmer Rouge time (1975), he was a law student. In 1975, the Khmer Rouge evacuated my uncle and mother to Bakan district, Pursat province. My uncle worked in the Chheu Puk cooperative for two or three months. My mother told me he was taken by the Khmer Rouge because he was a rice seller in previous regimes. In 1978, the Angkar assigned him to cut tree seedlings. He has never returned.


Please help search my uncle. My mother has been waiting for her younger brother for quite a long time.


I can be reached at: (012) 837 544.




Via Internet from Abroad/Phnom Penh

My name is Vanarith, a son of Touch Khamdoeun, former Cambodian ambassador. My father was born in 1935 in Kampong Thom province. He was an ambassador to Cuba between 1970 and 1972, and to China between 1972 and 1975. My motherís name was Nou Vanna, who was born in 1937 in Phnom Penh. My parents were educated in Paris, France. My family returned to Cambodia in 1975, only to be killed by the Khmer Rouge. I was the only one who survived the slaughter. My mother and father were held and executed at Tuol Sleng prison.


I am very anxious to know whether the Documentation Center of Cambodia holds any information concerning my parents, such as date of arrest, room number, date of execution, and especially their confessions. If the said items are available, may I have a copy of them, and if possible, may I visit your center? My main aim is for you to publish an article about my parents in your magazine Searching for the Truth. Thank you very much indeed.




From Svay Rieng Province

Please search for my nephew named Sa Son, called Samnang (and Kong within our family).


Sa Son was born in Ta Lea village, Svay Rieng commune, Svay Rieng district (Ta Toeu subdistrict, Kampong Ro district), Svay Rieng province. He was born in the year of the rooster. Today, he would be about 57 years old. His fatherís name was Sa Son; he was a Khmer Rouge soldier during the Sangkum Reastr Niyum (Popular Socialist Community) who lived in Ach Romeas (Rhino Dunk), Kampong Chhnang province before the Pol Pot regime. When Pol Pot took power, the entire family disappeared. Sa Sonís mother was Am Sok, head of the household. During the 1960s, Sa Son studied in France for four years (I do not know where).


In the early 1970s, Sa Son came back to Kampuchea. In 1973(?), he returned to France to study again. However, the French government sent him back after three or four months; I do not know why. After that, he taught at a school in Phnom Penh (again, I do not know which school). After only a few months, he was arrested by the Lon Nol government for having links to the murder of Mr. Keo Sankim and Mr. Tach Chea. Next (still during the Lon Nol regime), he was imprisoned in Prey Sar subdistrict. After liberation day in 1975, the Khmer Rouge organization appointed him to work in Prek Po, on the eastern side of Chroy Changva Bridge. Around 1978, the organization asked him and his family to come to Phnom Penh. They have not been heard of since.


As I asked above, please try to search for him and let us know of your findings. Please accept my highest respect. (Tel: 016 859 358)


            Am Lon, Ta Lea Village, Svay Toeu Subdistrict, Kampong Ro District, Svay Rieng Province.




From Takeo Province

My fatherís name was Korn Ty Chheang, but in Pol Pot time he changed it to Lim Chor to avoid detection. However, they still found him in 1977. My father was born in Takeo in 1929 and joined the French Colonial Army around 1948. He was stationed in Thmar Pech, Kampong Cham province until the French left and Cambodia gained independence. He was later transferred to Kampong Speu and then to Phnom Penh after the coup in 1970. He was a major in the Artillery Division.


After Pol Pot entered Phnom Penh, we went to his hometown in Takeo province, and later were put on the train to Sisophon. My family was ďdistributedĒ to Bos-sbov village in the Phnom Srok district of Banteay Meanchey province in late 1975. There, my father went by the name of Lim Chor, hoping that no one knew his background. But unfortunately, there were people from his hometown who knew him and were sent to the same village with us. To gain favor from the village leadership, they reported my fatherís army background to the district security chief. However, with luck and hard work, my father managed to hang on until March or April of 1977. One night around 10:00, according to my mother, the group leader came to the hut and called him to see the village chief for a meeting. My mother knew right away that this must be the end, but dared not ask or do anything. My sisters and I were in the fields at that time. My father never returned. Thereafter, we were warned to shut up and forced to take double workloads every day.


A few weeks later, I was told that my father was seen in Phnom Srok, the district capital, which is about 5 km from Bos-sbov. But back then, there were all kinds of rumors and it was hard to verify them because, as you know, you could only whisper to close friends.


I know that there is almost no chance that my father is still alive, but I just want to get a sense of closure on this ordeal. Moreover, after reading Issue 9 of your magazine (September 2000) on Mass Graves in Banteay Meanchey, I hope that there may be some documents or witnesses that can shed some light on what happened to my father, especially Mr. Chhum Ruom, a deputy district governor and former prisoner in Phnom Srok, who was interviewed by your magazine. Maybe he can help if we can contact him.


Youk, thank you very much for your kind attention in this search and if you need anything, just let me know.


            Ly La




From Kampong Cham Province

My name is Srei Kim Chhay; I am an official of the provincial town of Kampong Cham. Reading Searching for the Truth magazine has made me feel pained, moved, and horrible again, when all these things were beginning to move away from me with time. May such heinous crimes never return to humanity, especially to our Cambodia. I also request that a court of law be established as soon as possible for prosecuting the perpetrators who were the architects of these atrocities, so that it can stand as a role model for humanity.


Respected director, in the meantime, I would like to search for my missing cousin named Suy Sros, male, who was 20 years of age in 1975. At that time, he had entered the monkhood and was living at Wat Chong Boeng, Prek Dambauk subdistrict, Srey Santhor district, Kampong Cham province. He was excommunicated by Angkar and sent to work at the battlefront for the sake of the nation. In 1976, he was said to have been a navy crewman. No one has received any information about him since.


Please, Mr. director, help me to search for any piece of information that would be relevant to the fate of my cousin. Although the truth may not be nice or pretty, it can cause my uncle and aunt to be released from the uncertainty they have about their only son. Until now, his parents have been consulting fortunetellers on this matter.




From Takeo Province

I am Chann Srieb, age 57. I live in Chy Chrab village, Sanlong subdistrict, Treang district, Takeo province. I want to search for my daughter Ouch Savoeun aka Yoeun who joined the Khmer Rouge revolution on 1 February 1974.


Before the 1975 liberation, Yoeun served in a unit that carried the wounded to Angkor Keo pagoda in Angkor Keo subdistrict, Treang district. In 1976, Yoeun sent a letter to us saying she was working as a nurse in Phnom Penh. Nine years ago, she sent us another letter stating that she was living Bakan district, Pursat province. Then I sent my son to look for her, but he could not find her. Since then, we have not heard anything about her. Now, she may be 40 years of age.


If she or anyone who knows her has learned about this, please kindly contact us through DC-Cam.




From Takeo Province

My name is Sok Pheach, age 78. I was born and live in Pon village, Tralach subdistrict, Treang district (108), Takeo province. I have 12 children, but only 7 are still alive.


I want to find my son named Kang Taung aka Kang Yoeun or Kim (revolutionary name), who was born in the year of the goat. He began working as a crew member for the Khmer Rouge revolution when he was 17 years old. Kim disappeared after the Khmer Rouge regime collapsed. If he is still alive, he would probably be 50 years old.


If anyone has any information regarding to my son, please inform us through Documentation Center of Cambodia.




From Kandal Province

My name is Tes Sreng, age 52. My fatherís name was Tes (deceased) and my motherís Mam Vorn (deceased). Their home was in Krang village, Krang Yove subdistrict, Saang district, Kandal province. Nowadays I live in Sala village, Saang Phnom subdistrict, Saang district.


I want to find my two brothers, Tes Tuy, who left home in 1972 to work as a militiaman, and Tem, who left home in 1972 to live in a childrenís unit.


Last year we heard that both of them lived in Anlong Veng. If anyone has any information relating to these two men, would you please contact to us through the Documentation Center of Cambodia?




From Kampong Cham Province

I am Uk Sa-em aka Sa Deab, female, born in 1950. My home is in MoHa-Seark Krom village, Kra-gnuong subdistrict, Koh Sotin district, Kampong Cham province.


I want to find three missing relatives:


1.   Uk Samrith, male. His motherís name is Uy Dim and his fatherís name is Uk Sen. He was born in Ha-Seark Krom village, Kra-gnuong subdistrict, Koh Sotin district. He was a member of the front army and disappeared in 1973 when he was 16 or 17 years old.

2.   Uk Thearith, male, 12 years old in 1979.

3.   Uk Srey Mom, female, 13 years old in 1979.


Both Uk Thearith and Uk Srey Mom went missing in Pursat province in 1979. At that time their mother went to Suong while their father went fishing. Their parentsí home village is in MoHa-Seark, but these two people grew up in Pochentong, Phnom Penh.


If anyone knows of these three people, please kindly contact the Documentation Center of Cambodia.




From Kandal Province

My name is Ing Eang, age 73. My wifeís name is Hong Gnet, age 67. We were born and live in Tkol village, Trey Sla subdistrict, Saang subdistrict, Kandal province. We have 6 children: Kim Sos (female), Kim Khorn (male), Kim Heang (male), Mom (female), Kim (female), and Kim Teav (female).


I want to search for my son whose name is Kim Heang, born in the year of the ox. Now he is probably 43 years of age. He used to attend Kang Morm school in Trey Sla subdistrict, but left home to join the Khmer Rouge revolution in 1974 when he was only 14 years old.


Between 1977 and 78, Chem and Chor, who joined the revolution with my son, told us that they met Kim Heang when he was working at Kampong Chhnang airport. During the Khmer Rouge regime he was nicknamed Chin Kraham (red Chinese). After that, I have not had any information about my son.


If anyone knows Kim Heang, please contact us through the address mentioned above or DC-Cam.




From Kampong Cham Province
My name is Sun Sokvichea. I was born in Village 3, Rokar Knoar subdistrict, Kroch Chhmar district, Kampong Cham province.


My fatherís name was Prom Gnem, and my motherís name was Nuon. They died during the Khmer Rouge regime. I have 3 siblings: 1) Aun, called Oeun, male, 2) Ren (deceased), and 3) Penh (deceased).


I would like to search for my missing elder brother Aun (called Oeun). We were separated at the childrenís office in Tuol Kork. If anyone knows him, please kindly inform me by phone: (855) 11 877 722, or through the Documentation Center of Cambodia.



From Phnom Penh

My name is Keb Sothea, also called Mong Im, age 49. At present, I live at Kilometer 6, Phnom Penh.


I would like to search for Mong Samett (my younger brother), and Kong Muny (my nephew). Both were born in the year of the rabbit, and would now be 41. They were separated from our family in 1978, when the Khmer Rouge arrested and took families to be killed. At the time, the two worked in the zoneís Mobile Work Brigade. I later heard that they lived in the Khmer Rouge areas.


If anyone hears or knows of these two men, please kindly inform me via phone: (855) 12 414 691, or the Documentation Center of Cambodia.




From Battambang Province

I am Sorn Kinal (original name: Sreng Kinal). Born in 1972, I am now on the staff of the Center for Social Development.


I would like to search for my father Hok Chay Sreng and mother Chhuon Leangvuoch, both of whom went missing during the Khmer Rouge regime.


Prior to 1975, my father was a military policeman stationed in Andaung Chegn, Battambang province. My mother was a teacher at Svay Poa High School (now Net Yang High School). Our house was next to the Prasat Meas Film Theatre, St. 1Ĺ, Svay Poa subdistrict, Battambang province. I am the only son in my family.


In April 1975, my father responded to Khmer Rouge appeals and went to Thib Dei Mountain in Battambang province to welcome the king when he returned to the country. He never came back. Old people told me the Khmer Rouge took him to be killed at the mountain. The Khmer Rouge evacuated my mother to Sras Keo village, Sangke district, Battambang province. In 1977 after learning that she was a former teacher, the Khmer Rouge sought to kill her. She was frightened and left me with a midwife named Sorn Yen. My mother escaped to Chakk Angkam Mountain. I never received messages from her after that. I lived with my foster sister Sorn Yen and foster mother Kes Yong in Kbal Thnal village, Raing Kesei subdistrict, Sangke district, Battambang province.


If anyone has any information concerning my parents, please kindly inform me through the Center for Social Development, House 19, St. 57, Boeung Keng Kang subdistrict, Phnom Pen or via phone: (855) 16 975 374 / 12 442 215.




From Kandal Province

My name is Hul Vy, female, age 44. I live in Koh Knor Thmei village, Prek Rokar subdistrict, Kandal Stung district, Kandal province. My fatherís name was Brok Hul (deceased) and my motherís is Vong Kan. I have 10 siblings:


1.      Hul Heagn called Vai, male (missing)

2.      Hul Him, male (deceased)

3.      Hul Koeun

4.      Hul Song Heng, male (missing)

5.      Hul Savoeun, female (deceased)

6.      Hul Vy, female

7.      Hul Sok Koan, female (deceased)

8.      Hul Savaen, female (deceased)

9.      Hul Samlout, male (deceased)

10.    Hul Saluot, male

11.    Hul Salat, male.


I would like to search for two missing brothers Hul Heagn (called Vai) and Hul

Song Heng, who left home in 1970 and 1973, respectively, to serve the revolutionary army. If anybody knows these two men, please inform DC-Cam.




From Kampot Province

My name is Sam Sarom. My fatherís name is Sok, and motherís name is Noeub. I live in Damnakk Kantuot village and subdistrict, Kampong Trach district, Kampot province.


I would like to search for my sister Sam Saren, who prior to 1975 was sent to the battlefield to carry the wounded. Later, Saren was transferred to the Sreh Ambil Womenís Office in Kampot. In 1977, she was sent to a hospital near Wat Phnom. I learned that on 7 January 1979, she took care of the wounded on a train. I have had no information on her since.


If anybody knows of her, please inform DC-Cam.




From Kampot Province

My name is Den Sokh. I live in Boeung Trung village, O-Brasa subdistrict, Kampot district, Kampot province. My fatherís name was Troeung Den and my motherís was Mang Kim Say.


I would like to search for my brother Troeung Sary. He joined the revolution before 1975 and has not been seen since. In 1988 my uncle Yav said he met Sary in Thailand. Yet we have had no further information on him since Yav died.


If anyone knows my brother, please inform me either through DC-Cam or the address above.






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