Looking for a Nephew







To Youk Chhang, Director of Searching for the Truth Center

Dear Sir,


Please search for my nephew named Sa Son, called Samnang (and Kong within our family).


Sa Son was born in Ta Lea Village, Svay Rieng Commune, Svay Rieng District (Ta Toeu Subdistrict, Kampong Ro District), Svay Rieng Province. He was born in the year of the rooster. Today, he  would be about 57 years old. His father’s name was Sa Son; he was a former Khmer Rouge soldier during the Sangkum Reastr Niyum (Popular Socialist Community) who lived in Ach Romeas District (Rhino Dunk), Kampong Chhnang Province before the Pol Pot regime. When Pol Pot took power, the entire family disappeared. Sa Son’s mother was Am Sok, head of the household. During the 1960s, Sa Son studied in France for four years (I do not know where).


In the early 1970s, Sa Son came back to Kampuchea. In 1973(?), he returned to France to study again. However, the French government sent him back after three or four months; I do not know why. After that, he taught at a school in Phnom Penh (again, I do not know which school). After only a few months, he was arrested by the Lon Nol government for having links to the murder of Mr. Keo Sankim and Mr. Tach Chea. Next (still during the Lon Nol regime), he was imprisoned in Prey Sar District. After liberation day in 1975, the Khmer Rouge organization appointed him to work in Prek Po, on the eastern side of Chroy Changva Bridge. Around 1978, the organization asked him and his family to come to Phnom Penh, where they have not been heard of since.


As I asked above, please try to search for him and let us know of your findings.

Please accept my highest respect. (Tel: 016 859 358)

Am Lon, Ta Lea Village, Svay Toeu Subdistrict, Kampong Ro District, Svay Rieng Province





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