Letter from the Governor of Kandieng District, Pursat Province








Dated June 27, 2000

To respected Excellency Mr. Youk Chhang, Director of the Documentation Center of Cambodia: My name is Sao Daroeun, district governor of Kandieng, Pursat Province. I have received “Searching For the Truth” of issues number 1 up to number 5 one after another. I would like to express my gratitude for your excellent magazine sent to our local authorities. After reading, I can’t help appreciating all texts and articles of the magazine. In addition to these points of satisfaction, I would like to list down my points of view in the light of your publication: 1) The magazine is a reflection of truth and make me moved and support it. I am very moved by the description of obvious, unexpected tragedy cause by the genocidal regime within three years, eight months and twenty days. I feel surprised at the thought of a situation where I survived the regime in 1979 with fearful, paying off status. I am very exited to see your Excellency create such accurate magazine, emphasizing real characteristics of the documentation, which reveals the history of bitter endured by Khmer people during 1975-1979 to the national and international publics.


I support the publication of the magazine with broad distribution. By this way, the younger generations would be able to learn about the past. Therefore, I would suggest the magazine be reached by local villagers; 2) “Searching For the Truth” is priceless by the fact that it is not a holder of fictions, but experiences of criminals who massacred their own people under the guidelines of Pol Pol clique. Cambodian younger generations have to mobilize the Khmer spirit and conscience for the sake of national unity and preventing the return of the regime riddled with killing pits. I highly appreciate you and your colleagues for impartial stance in seeking a real justice for our unfortunate people. I will see my enclosed poem retelling the bitter memories for the Documentation Center of Cambodia.

Yours sincerely,

Sao Daroeun

Governor of Kandieng District, Pursat Province




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