KR Songs, Slogans, Theories and Definition





  Khmer Rouge Slogans and Theories


Compiled by Ser Sayana
Translated by Sour Bunsou


®   Our task is to be responsible for our speech, acts and political standpoint. These must be in conformity with people's ideas and interests. If a mistake is made, we must work it out. This is what we call responsibility before the people.


®    In the military context, this stance can be described as having destroyed the enemy

      one after another.


®    The wind from the east always beats the wind from the west. (Notebook 053



®    Front troops mobilize their forces to smash the enemy. By so doing, we will soon

      gain victory and be able to protect and expand our forces. (Notebook 194 KNH)


®    Strengthen and expand the absolute stance of proletarianism while absolutely

      sweeping out non-proletarian stances. (Notebook 135 KNH)


®    All important lines and activities in the rear must be a strong and transparent

      backing for front line. 
     (Notebook 200 KNH)


®   Absolutely purge CIA agents from Angkar and Kampuchea forever. (Notebook 076 KNH )


®    Keeping you is no gain, losing you  is no loss. 


®    Be committed to absolutely abolishing the stances of privatism, materialism, authoritaria-nism and [no-good] moral of life. (Tungpadevat Book, 1976) . 


®    Destroy communication networks! (KR notebook 194 KNH) 


®    The revolutionary initiative is self mastery. 


®    Only the people can build  world history.  


®    A soft robe can make a good tie.  (Notebook Nhok Sarun).    


®    Hunger is the most influential disease. 


®    Must achieve one hundred percent the plan of three and a half tons and seven tons per hectare for 1978. (Notebook 067 KNH) 


®    Expand the militia war in all districts. - Attack and break up the ranks of enemy. - Attack enemy's arsenals. (Notebook 194 KNH) 


®    Cooperative: Villages and Sub-districts, which share, work and receive the same interest. 


®    Mobile Work Brigade: Male and female youths, who are the front forces assigned to work intensively at main working sites. 


®    Core Task: A necessary piece of work to be prioritized. (Extracted from a reading book for grade 2 students, published in 1977 by the Ministry of Education of Democratic Kampuchea. 


®    Reject no-good cadre who refuse to make changes in their attitude; abolish authoritarianism, bureaucracy, feudalism, and opportunism. (KR notebook 076 KNH) 


®    Prioritize national independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity, and credit.  


®    Constantly strengthen patriotism, revolution, and be proud of our revolution, nation, people, revolutionary army and our party. Make them become as hard as iron.  (Quoted from KR notebook Number 076 KNH) 


®    Increase mental and physical strength of every individual, unit, and the whole nation. Be united to struggle to get rid of all kinds of enemies, especially Yuon enemy of aggression. Protect and maintain the Cambodian nation and race forever.


®    Nothing harmful to the nation, the revolution, or the party must be thought of or



®    Absolutely get rid of CIA agents from units and the territory of Cambodia. (Quoted from KR notebook Number 076 KNH) 


®    Angkar is the master of the territory. 


®    Angkar is very correct, bright and terrific!  


®    Must be loyal and love Angkar! 


®    Must love Angkar with no limit! 


®    Be committed to weakening and smashing feudalists, conservatives, and imperialists who are "reactionaries". 

®    Be committed to smashing hidden enemies burrowing inside--CIA and KGB agents! 

®    Be committed to sacrificing our lives in fulfilling Angkar's labor tasks! 


®    Angkor selects only those who are never tired! 


®    One feels frightened only just to hear the word "Angkar".  


®    The comparison of Angkar doesn't mean comparison of military and economic strength, but human and spiritual strength; that is, the human being is chosen to lead economic and military forces. 


®    Outstanding cadre and committee have to spare no effort to tackle and improve the living standard of people in all fields and at all times based on the stance of responsibility and high creativity. (KNH076) 


®    Revolution against imperialism is not an action of inviting guests to have meal, writing articles, braiding, education, softness or fear of enemy. But it is a class wrath seized to topple another class. (KR notebook Nhok: 78). 


®    Externally, American imperialists are powerful, but their internal strength is weak because people do not support them. (Nhok, p.77) 


®    Be humble; draw experience from the masses; be linked with the stance of the masses; and be close  to  the masses. (Iv, P. 74) 


®    We have to support what the enemy opposes and vice versa. (Nhok, p.78)    


®    The worms inside the meat of fish paste will not show up if boiling water is  poured down.  


®    Baskets used for screening rice retain only the good rice seeds. 


®    A child is a clean-cut individual. 


®    Political, ideological and organizational  measures are the first and last priorities. (KNH079, p.18) 


®    Individualism is to collectivism as capitalism is to socialism. (KNH079, p. 11) 


®    Cut off the ownership regime and the old commerce and create a new one. 


®    Those who have never labored must be made to do so in agricultural production. (KHN179) 


®    We expel all people and enemies. (KNH179) 


®    Make every effort to destroy enemy forces, maintain and nourish our forces. The more we fight, the stronger we will be, and the more we will win.


®    Combat enemy movements and stir up the masses to stand up to conquer our enemies and master our territory. (Excerpts from notebook 200 KNH) 

®    To win over enemies, we must destroy the internal ones.


®    Loss of life is a simple thing for a man of war.  


®    Life devoted to battle is one honored in value.


®    For the people and the army, to live or to die must be for the greatness of the



®    Communists are best known by the sacrifices they make for their country.

      (Excerpts from Comrade Ivís notebook)


®    Combine the combating of with the disbanding of enemy troops. (Excerpts from

      notebook 194 KNH)


®    Stand absolute at all times with the standpoint of independence, self-mastery, and



®    Absolutely get rid of the Vietnamese invaders wishing to swallow our territory

      from Cambodia forever. 
     (Excerpts from notebook 076KNH)


®    Unconditionally and highly self-consciously respect the disciplinary organization of the Kampuchean Communist Youth League. (Excerpts from notebook 26KNH)


®    Prevention of diseases is a matter of importance. (Excerpts from notebook 188KNH)


®    We are to oppose what our enemies support and support what they oppose.


®    Revolution is a war of people and will not be victorious unless there is stirring up of people. (Excerpts from Comrade Nhokís notebook)


®    Without the force of labor, the revolution cannot move forward. It is only by the force of struggle that favored results can be achieved.


®    In order to make revolution there must be revolutionary people; and in order for people to be revolutionary they must possess the standpoint and the spirit of the party.  (Excerpts from Comrade Keoís notebook)


®    We hope for peace, but Americans are stubborn and counterattack. We absolutely must not surrender, but go on with war, and construction will be the second priority.


®    Die for the interest of the people which is heavier than Mount Meru. Capitalists, feudalists and reactionaries are not even as heavy as a goose's feather. (Notebook Nhok, p.60)


®    How does an elderly, insane man remove a mountain? His son will follow him and when his son dies, his grandson will go on with the model. As for the two mountains, they can not grow any longer no matter how big they are. On the contrary, once we gradually remove mountains from regime to regime, they will be lower and lower (Tai Haong Mountains). (Notebook Nhok, p.60)