Foreigners Killed at S-21





List of foreigners who were detained or killed by the Khmer Rouge at S-21

(Spelling of names may be possibly incorrect, as some have been taken only from the original materials that were written in Khmer) 


1.      Abdumla, Arabian, male 

2.      Dean, Ronald Keith, Australian, male

3.      Scott, David Lloyd, Australian, male 

4.      Dewhirst, John Dawson, Britain, male 

5.      Bernard, Harard, French, male

6.      Bernard, Rovin, French, male

7.      Courtigne, Andre Gaston, French, male 

8.      Agif Karim, Indian, male

9.      Agif, Indian, male

10.  Isma-El, Indian, male

11.  Mari Yan, Indian, female

12.  Moham Madou Khi-Kriya, French-Indian, 45, male

13.  Phea Ra, Indian, female 

14.  Chay Racy, Javanese, male 

15.  Kham May Chamroeun Sokh, Laotian, male 

16.  Hamill, Kerry George, New Zealand, male 

17.  Chaloun, Thai, male

18.  Cheong Ya-Lay, Thai, male

19.  Chheu Roum, Thai, male

20.  Chhoeut, Thai, male

21.  Chin Leang, Thai, male

22.  Chin Lon, Thai, male

23.  Kau, Thai, male

24.  Khim, Thai, male

25.  Kor Vith, Thai, male

26.  Lack Dinn, Thai, male

27.  Lack, Thai, male

28.  Latt, Thai, male

29.  Leck, Thai, male

30.  Loy Lock, Thai, male

31.  Manou, Thai, male

32.  Mon Nang, Thai, male

33.  Muntri, Thai, male

34.  Pak Phan, Thai, male

35.  Phen, Thai, male

36.  Pheng, Thai, male

37.  Sa Hatt, Thai, male

38.  Soeuth, Thai, male

39.  Som Chhiet, Thai, male

40.  Som Sry, Thai, male

41.  Som, Thai, male

42.  Sophan, Thai, male

43.  Soth Ta, Thai, male

44.  Vichhay, Thai, male

45.  Yuth Phayong, Thai, male 

46.  Bui Hong Hue, Vietnamese, male

47.  Cao Cuong, Vietnamese, male

48.  Chang Chin Oeung, Vietnamese, male

49.  Chhim Yang Ke, Vietnamese, male

50.  Huynh Minh Chau, Vietnamese, Female

51.  Huynh Sieng, Vietnamese, male

52.  Le Thi Dung Cam, Vietnamese, Female

53.  Le Van Du, Vietnamese, male

54.  Le Van Loi, Vietnamese, male

55.  Le Van Minh, Vietnamese, male

56.  Nguyen Loi, Vietnamese, male

57.  Nguyen Thi Bach Hue, Vietnamese, Female

58.  Nguyen Thi Gan, Vietnamese, Female

59.  Nguyen Thi Sang, Vietnamese, Female

60.  Nguyen Thi Thoeung, Vietnamese, female

61.  Nguyen Van Anh, Vietnamese, male

62.  Nguyen Van Giua, Vietnamese, male

63.  Nguyen Van Truong, Vietnamese, male

64.  Nguyen Van Tung, Vietnamese, male

65.  Nguyen Yang Le, Vietnamese, male

66.  Noy Yang Pheouk, Vietnamese, male

67.  Pham Thanh, Vietnamese, male

68.  Pham Yang Cheoung, Vietnamese, male

69.  Son Xiep, Vietnamese, male

70.  Tran Ngoc Tai, Vietnamese, male

71.  Tran Ngoc Tuong, Vietnamese, male

72.  Tran Van Thong, Vietnamese, male

73.  Tran Van Truyene, Vietnamese, male

74.  Vo Thi Thuy, Vietnamese, Female

75.  Vuong Ngoc Xuan, Vietnamese, male 

76.  Clark, James William, USA, male

77.  Deeds, Michael Scott, USA, male

78.  DeLance, Christopher Edward, USA, male

79.  McNamara, Lance, USA, male



Updated July 16, 1999 and October 18, 2000





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